Vitamin D De ciency among Newborns in Amman Jordan


Acute respiratory infection (ARI) is the leading cause of hospitalization and death in children <5 years of age worldwide outside the post-natal period.

ARI causes a significant number of hospitalizations among children yearly.

The viral etiologies and their distribution is poorly documented in most developing countries.

In a 2007 study in Amman, Jordan, we enrolled 743 of 803 (93%) eligible hospitalized children aged <5 years old with respiratory symptoms and/or fever to determine the etiology of their viral ARI by polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

We detected at least one virus in 88% of the subjects.

RSV (64%) and rhinoviruses (23%) were most frequently detected.


Vitamin D De ciency among Newborns in Amman Jordan

 Statistical Methods

To describe the association between gestational exposures and vitamin D.

It is hypothesized that exposure to smoking, larger parity, and increased maternal age are associated with decrements in vitamin D levels.

Similarly, supplementation and increased exposure to sunlight should be associated with increments in vitamin D levels.


Vitamin D Requirements During Pregnancy Lactation & Early


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Global Vitamin D Status and Determinants of Hypovitaminosis D


JordanMeasles Outbreak Response


    •1982 measles vaccine introduced in the national EPI at age of 9 months as single dose .

    •1995 a second dose of measles was introduced at age of 18 months . 

    •2000 ,second dose of measles at 18 months of age was replaced by MMR vaccine . 


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