Vitamin D and Other Micronutrients in Maternal and Child Health Conference

Consultancy Report
Vitamin D and Other Micronutrients in Maternal and Child Health Conference
28th - 29th March 2014
Amman - Jordan

Consultancy subject: 

To work as a communication and media consultant for the Vitamin D and Other Micronutrients in Maternal and Child Health Conference 28th - 29th March 2014 held in Amman – Jordan. The conference organized by the University of Jordan in cooperation of Jordan Ministry of Health.

The Conference:

While the medical community recognizes malnutrition as a major health problem, micronutrients and micronutrient deficiency continue to be relatively ignored despite several countrywide studies in Jordan and the region, many of which, demonstrated significant deficiency in vitamin D, iron, vitamin A and zinc in the general population. These studies however had major gaps in certain members of the population including infants 1 year of age, pregnant women and individuals older than 49 years of age. In addition the findings of these studies are not widely disseminated among medical professionals and decision makers, which left many of these problems without a comprehensive plan of action to solve these deficiencies in these at risk groups. 

In order to increase awareness among the medical professionals decision makers and the public this meeting is being held. Several world authorities on vitamin D child nutrition and health participate in this meeting in order to highlight the importance of this issue and help Jordan’s plan and future initiatives to counter this widespread problem of micronutrient deficiency with particular attention to vitamin D in infants and pregnant women. The conference supported by UPS and other international organizations that are also helping to highlight this issue including the WHO, UNICEF and other NGOs.

Consultancy duration:

From Oct 15th 2013 until 31st of March 2014.

Consultancy activities including:

Present advices, design media plan, communication & telecommunications, lobbying, writing and developing press releases, translation and editing, meetings, collect published materials and follow-up. 

What Happen – Communications and Media activities:

  1. Developing Media plan:
    A comprehensive media plan of the conference has been developed by Nov 2013, and approved from the contracting authority and DR. Najwa Khouri. The plan includes all the work plan activities, responsibility and time of each task.
  2. Develop and translate  all the press and conference materials:
    After receiving the main conference document including: Op-ed, agenda, press release in English, media advisory and the conference schedule, we reviewed the documents, translated to Arabic Language, and new multi functional press releases developed according to the main documents in order to be published a days before the event, giving the journalist background about the event goals and objectives, as well as, to be published on the day of the event updated according what has been published before. AS well, help and present advices in developing the website “” and arranging the communications with the internet company to finalize and develop the site ideas and features.
  3.  Pre–Conference advocacy and Communications activities:
    Communications and meetings with Journalists, newspapers editors, TV and Radio station, electronic news web-sits, to discuss with them the event goals and objectives, giving them a comprehensive background about the subject, speakers in the event, guest from outside Jordan in case they want to invest the opportunity to talk with them, and talked with them about the way they could cover the event.
  4. Communicate with Journalists, Newspapers, TV & Radio stations:
    Intensive Phone Calls communication has been implement pre and through the event to remind them and confirm their attendance, as well as, to coordinate the media coverage form and time, especially with the electronic news sits and Jordan Governmental TV station. A special phone calls and efforts have been paid with the editors to convince them to publish Dr. Najwa Khouri op-ed in a special column and as an academic/scientific opinion.
  5. The newspaper's coverage  comes as planned and more, before, through and after the conference. Over 20 press release published at the newspapers and electronic websites before and during the conference (links are below), 2 correspondent of TV station’s including;, Jordan Television and Roy’a TV station, 10 journalist attend the conference including; Petra Agency (The main (Gov) Jordanian local agency news),” Al Arab Alyaum newspaper, Al Rai Newspaper, Al Ghad newspaper, Jordan Times Newspaper, Addustour newspaper. AS well as, Gov. news agencies, newspapers and electronic web sites in the region.
  6. TV Coverage:
    • We arranged important paticpation of Dr. Najwa Khouri and Dr. Sameer Faouri from the ministry of health to speak about the conference for 1 hour at important TV show “under the spot” at 9:00pm, with the famous presenter Suha Karajeh, the show was great and success to present all the conference messages
    • One comprehensive report prepared and broadcasted by the Jordan television main news at 6 and 8pm and a live phone call interview on Jordan Radion station has been made with DR. Najwa Khouri.
    • Dr. Najwa participates for 15m in yum Jadded show program (it's like good morning America show) on Jordan Television talking about the subject and the event. As well, live participation on studio for 25 minutes at Roy’a Morning show TV “Dunia Ya Dunia” covered with event special report and interviews with participants, officials of ministry of health and University of Jordan.
    • Al Jazeera Satellite; special news report about the event been published at the news at 7, with special interviews from participants.
    • Special TV coverage on Al Hakekah local TV station, special report and interviews with participants about the conference.
  7. DR. Najwa's Oped: 
    Dr.Najwa Khuri has been published at Jordan Times newspaper; the most popular English newspaper in Jordan, the article took an excellent space as a column in main opinions page. JT also publish a very professional report about the final conference discussions.
  8. The newspapers coverage links as follow:
  9. Event Evaluation: 
    In my opinion, the event achieved its goals, and the message demonstrated overall the Jordan, through different media tools.
  10. Recommendations:  Continued efforts should be follow this success, through well organized media and advocacy activities campaign’s, covering targeted not just Jordan but all of the Arab countries. This suggested campaign could be seminars, paid ads for the Vitamin D at the newspapers, visit’s for the decision makers, Media activities to attract journalist’s attention,....etc.

Thank you

Rasmi Hamzeh
Media & Communication Expert
Amman – Jordan
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.