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Under the Patronage of The President of the University of Jordan, Professor Dr. Ekhleif Tarawneh

Welcome Message

While the medical community recognizes malnutrition as a major health problem, micronutrients and micronutrient deficiency continue to be relatively ignored despite several countrywide studies in Jordan and the region, many of which, demonstrated significant deficiency in vitamin D, iron, vitamin A and zinc in the general population.

These studies however had major gaps in certain members of the population including infants<1 year of age, pregnant women and individuals older than 49 years of age.

In addition the findings of these studies are not widely disseminated among medical professionals and decision makers, which left many of these problems without a comprehensive plan of action to solve these deficiencies in these at risk groups.

In order to increase awareness among the medical professionals decision makers and the public this meeting is being held.

We are happy to have several world authorities on vitamin D child nutrition and health participate in this meeting in order to highlight the importance of this issue and help us plan our future initiatives to counter this widespread problem of micronutrient deficiency with particular attention to vitamin D in infants and pregnant women.

We are also happy to have the support of international organizations that are also helping us highlight this issue including the WHO, UNICEF and other NGOs.

We would like to thank our panel of experts and all the participants in this meeting.

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